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Have you heard....?

I am introduced to ShopSquad by a twitter member. I'm a newbie but I liked it already. My friends' always come to me when they need an advice and when they need to hear the truth. If I hate one thing, that is seeing my friend not being true themselves and hurting themselves. So, I have zero bull s*** tolerance and I always speak my mind. That's why I loved this website. Come and ask questions about make up, computers, baby care, what ever you want and you will find a real person online to answer you, and it's free. You don't have to buy the products they suggest, but it's always good to talk to different people on products you need or you plan to purchase. So, if you are gonna shop any time soon check out ShopSquad first. My screen name is Whitemintycandy just like my twitter name, but you can also chat/web cam with who ever you want. I know what a hassle it is to buy a product and regret it and to return it back, so today before you click the confirm button to purchase what ever that is that you want to buy, ask someone on ShopSquad, even I will ask to others on ShopSquad before shopping again :)

Take Care,
Make up & Nail Polish Collection

*I have high end and drug store products in my make up collection,
believe it or not some of my favorite products are not the expensive ones,
the cheap ones! :)

I thought I didn't have too much products, especially eye make up products, but it turned
out that I have quite a lot of make up products.
However, I am glad I don't have as much as some people (eg:Youtube Gurus)
It shows that I have just what I need, I am not buying just for the sake of feeling happy.
I am not using all the products I have,
I am either bored
not happy with those products.

I plan to get a BB cream
I know how amazing it is (my Dermalogica beautician used it on me onces)
I want a good tinted moisturizer
a liner that will stay on my water line,
I can join the Project 10 Pan
('do not buy any new make up products until you finish 10 products' challange)

all my make up products before organized.
I collected these in four years since I moved to the States.
I have some more at home in Europe.

Foundations and Powders:
Revlon, Maybeline, Neutrogena, Smashbox, Almay, WetnWild, Jergens, Organics, Laura Mercier
my favorite at the moment is Laura Mercier oil free foundation
Organics tinted moisturizer smells weird

Elf Bronzers, Physician's Formula, Body Shop, Tarte, Rimmel

Elf, Body Shop, Neutrogena, Tarte, Maybeline, Physician's Formula, Heidi Klum by Victoria's Secret, Hard Candy, Rimmel

Garnier, Benefit, Sonia Kashuk, Hard Candy, Elf, Smashbox, Neutrogena
(I love Sonia Kashuk concealer palette and Neutrogena blemish pen)

Eye Make up:
Dior, NYC, Rimmel, Sonia Kashuk, Sephora, Avon, Mac, Urban Decay, L'oreal, Physcian's Formula, LaSplash, Anastacia, Elf, Tarte, Victoria's Secret, Tarte, pix!, Hard Candy, Revlon
(I am loving L'oreal Voluminizer mascara)

Dior, Avon, Estee Lauder, Body Shop, Maybeline, Clinique, Benefit, Lancome, Fantasy Makers by WetnWild
(My all time favorite is Benefit Rocket Pop - you can only find it on their website not at Sephora or Ulta)

Lip liners: Mac, Avon, Elf, Maybelines, Pupa
Lip exfoliator: Body Shop
(love Elf lip pencil!)

Lipstick and Lipgloss together: Maybeline, Avon

Estee Lauder, Urban Decay, Tarte, Victoria's Secret, Avon, Sally Hansen, L'oreal, Clinique, Hello Kitty

Lip balms:
Carmes, Blisstex, Wegmans, Lotta Luv, Hello Kitty, EOS, Lip Smackers, Nivea, Body Shop, Biotherm
(I love my EOS and Hello Kitty Apple balm)

 Primers and Make up Setting Products:
Elf, Maybeline, Tarte, L'oreal, Smashbox, Bare Escentuals, Urban Decay, Philosophy
(Currently I have Urban Decay make up setting spray for combination skin,
I love oil free all night long make up setting spray more
my favorite primer is Smashbox oil free primer,
second best and a cheap alternative can be

Claires, Hello Kitty, Dior
(I love Hello Kitty's packaging,
not so impressed with the eyeshadows,
I plan to get the Spring version of it,
I love the powder foundation in my Dior kit)

Finished products:
Body Shop, Clarins, Benefit,
Mac (Half and Half - expired not finished)

After my concealers organized

After lipsticks are organized

After all make up products organized

Make up products that I use daily:
Laura Mercier, Smash box, Elf, Physician's Formula, Hard Candy, Urban Decay, EOS, Hello Kitty, Sonia Kashuk, L'oreal, Benefit, Maybeline, Tarte, Garnier, Rimmel, Neutrogena, GeoGirl.
These can also be considered as my favorite make up products at the moment.

*Holy Grail Products List is coming up shortly...

Nail Polish Collection

I had a pretty small classic nail polish color collection until recently,
suddenly I couldn't resist the urge to add some colors :)
Perfect for Spring!

All my pink polishes



Recent Purchases
(Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear and InstaDri, Sinful Colors Professional)

Target purchases

All my Sally Hansen polishes

Ulta 'buy 2 get 1 free' haul
(1st row OPI, 2nd row China Glaze)
China Glaze Clearance Sale nail polish
(2nd row 2nd polish from left)

Fancy Poka Dots for Spring?

***April Purchases and Much More***

April Favorites - Skin Care!

I guess I told you guys I was looking forward to change my skin care regimen,
and I did!
I did change my skin care regimen and I don't know how I lived before finding this product.
The product I am talking about is No. 7
I believe it's a drug store dupe for Liz Earle the British brand.
If No. 7 is this good I cannot imagine Liz Earle.
In the States we just have No. 7 at Target I believe.
Which is perfectly fine,
but I am thinking what I am going to do if I go back home.
I guess I will be spending a lot money on shipping.
There is no way I can't live without these products any more.

Although I wasn't totally happy with my Dermalogica facial treatment,
my skin was glowy, literally,
and my skin kept glowing for few days
then came the dull era.
I was so shocked so unhappy that my skin was looking so dull,
but Mario Badescu was there to save the day!
Mario Badescu's Whitening Mask is a miracle in a jar!
Even after one use my skin was not dull any more,
my pores were not clogged,
and my acne scars were lighter or gone.
After using Whitening Mask for three consecutive nights,
my skin was looking healthy.

Then when I was at Target, I was wandering around the cosmetics section,
which is my all time favorites in all stores,
and remembered No. 7 from a Youtube video and wanted to try it out.
Especially because it is British.
Thanks to Prince William and Kate Middleton, UK's new Princess
UK is really popular these days.
So, I wanted to have my good share of UK products.
First, I bought No.7's Beautifully Balanced Purify Toner combination skin.
After spending a lot money on high-end brands
it was good to spend few bucks and get what I needed.
I loved the toner!
It is definitely hydrating.
My skin doesn't feel tight afterwards
and it really has a cooling soothing effect as it claimed to have.

Then I wanted to change my cleanser.
I used the half of my Exuviance cleanser,
but I wasn't that impressed.
Although at first, I thought it was a great product,
later I realized what I was in love with was Mario Badescu Whitening Mask's hydrating effect.
Especially I started getting white headed pimples around that time of the month
I realized Exuviance was not doing what it was claiming
which was killing bacteria and moisturizing the skin.
However, my skin was feeling slightly tight after washing my face.

After I watched Fleur DeForce's skin care regimen video on Youtube
I liked the idea of using hot cloth to clean the face.
Although I don't like cream cleansers,
and thinking of sweeping off it with a cloth
made me think that I am just going to smudge my make up
taking from one place to another,
I couldn't resist, but to try hot cleansing cloth trick.
She used Liz Earle,
but I recalled that No.7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanse.
It is exactly the same thing!
Instead of spending $40,
I spent $10
and my face was never ever this clean.
Even after one use I realized my face was looking brighter than ever.
I also loved putting a warm cloth on my face.
It's so soothing, and relaxing as if you are in the spa for few minutes.
I don't have clogged pores and my face looks like I just had a facial.

I used to use make up removing wipes
clean with make up remover
clean with toner
wash my face
clean with toner again
then my skin would be ready to moisturize.
I know it makes a lot of steps,
but every time I swept my face with a cotton ball soaked in toner
I was still removing make up residue of my face.

I massage one pump of No.7 Cleanser on my face,
clean it with the hot cleansing cloth,
then I use the No.7 Toner,
and there is no make up residue on the cotton ball  anymore!
It's amazing!

I also got Witch Hazel from Walgreens for the pores on my cheeks.
They already shrunk after starting to use Tarte Smooth Operator
but now,
No.7 deep cleanse it,
Witch Hazel shrinks the pores.

Couldn't be more happier.
I love to clean my face in the morning and after I come home.

However, I couldn't find my perfect moisturizer for the warm weathers.
I know I said I am happy with Philisophy The Supernatural primer as a moisturizer,
but it doesn't go well with the Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation.
My skin looked chalky white!
I don't want to give up on Laura,
so I guess Supernatural is going back to Sephora.

I tried Aveeno Ultra Calming Moisturizer,
Mario Badescu Oil-free Moisturizer
                         Gel Moisturizer
No. 7 Oily/Combination Skin Moisturizer
but they were not quite good.

Maybe because No.7 Cleanser is also giving me a radiant look
my make looks radiant,
but I like completely matte look.

So, I am thinking of trying Dermalogica Active Moist,
Dermalogica Barrier Repair Ultra Calming.
Although the girl at Ulta told me it's not a moisturizer,
but a step to ready skin to moisturize,
I think this will be enough for me in the summer.
I can use MediBac Clearing Mattifier Moisturizer!
It was not hydrating enough in winter,
but it should be enough for warm weathers,
and it has silica in it,
which gives the moisturizer
this silky smooth texture that I love!
plus it is for adult acne,
and it should be good for my acne-prone skin,
but I shouldn't forget that I got terrible blemishes afterwards.
My blemishes was looking as if I used my blush for contouring my cheekbones.
Barrier Repair Ultra Calming has also have the same texture.
I might go with the No.7 Rebalancing Night Fluid.
It is so tempting.
Since, I started using No.7 products, why not but chose my moisturizer from that brand as well.
(Actually, I tried No.7 Rebalancing Day Fluid with SPF in it and I got oilyness on my T-zone, maybe I should use it for a while for my skin to get used to it.)
Or, I can use that just for night
and find something for the day time,
but then I have my Philisophy Supernatural for day time,
but it's tinted which grosses me out a little bit.
I don't know why?
Because I use foundation, blush and bronzer.
If I were to say I don't like putting on anything colored on my face,
then I wasn't supposed to be doing make up.
I guess when I do make up I am aware of what I am doing,
but when I moisture my face,
it is skin care time and I don't want anything related to make up.
That's why fake tanning creams and tinted moisturizers grosses me out.

I also plan to use sun screen daily from now on,
because I saw few sunny day and I already had my old and few new freckles on my face,
which I hate.
You might find it cute,
but the freckles you get after you are born,
are damaged skin cells,
so it's not healthy,
therefore I don't want to get any more freckles.
I want to and I need to use sun screen daily,
but I either forget, or think it will too much
moisturizer+sun screen+foundation+blush
or I think it will be difficult to apply my make up on.
I guess I have to try and see.
Maybe I don't use moisturizer in the morning
and I just put on my sunscreen and do my make up.
However, I have Neutrogena Dry Block Oil Free Sun Screen
so, it shouldn't be so bad using it on top of my moisturizer,
and I guess it is not moisturizing enough to use it on its on only.
When I am going for a walk I just use my sunscreen,
and I don't get shine on my T-zone,
but feel like my skin is not moisturized enough.

We'll see..

I also bought Aveeno Brightening Exfoliater,
because I needed something for the skin on and around my nose area.
Although I love Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, it is not strong enough for the dead cells on my nose.
However, I want to return Aveeno and get No.7's exfoliater,
because so far I am amazed with their products!

Oh by the way I hate to tell you what Dermalogica did!
Few months ago I purchased few products from Dermalogica USA's website.
I chose the website over Ulta,
because you can get samples of other products and a relaxing candle from the website for free.
Then, recently they wanted me to review the products I purchased and I said why not!
So, I reviewed it, and at the end I got the message saying that my review might appear on the website if it is approved by the company.
I was fine with that, although I don't like this kind of policy,
because the results can be biased.
Then two days later I got an email for each of the review I made,
saying my review is rejected.
I didn't say anything bad!
It was my honest opinion,
but because I made a comparison and said the exfoliator was not strong enough for stubborn dead skin cells,
they didn't approve my review.
I was really upset and disappointed with the company.
A day after that they approved one of my reviews,
but still grow up Dermalogica!
If you look at their product reviews,
all the products are either four-star or five-star.
This is so disgusting!
It means that they don't allow unhappy customers to talk.
Fleur DeForce mentioned in her video that she had a terrible reaction to Dermalogica products,
so if she wanted to say it in her review they were not going to let other customers know that.
You cannot do that.
People should make their mind on their own!
They make good products and they are quite expensive,
but what they are doing when it comes to customers freedom of speech is really disgusting.
Although I want to try other Dermalogica moisturizers I don't think I will be ordering it from their website.
I don't want to deal with them any more.
I will be going to Ulta from now on!

Another favorite of April is my Hello Kitty Apple Balm from Sephora.
When I first it I wasn't impressed and I was upset with myself for spending $9+tax on it just because it's Hello Kitty,but it needed few applications to show its magic.
It's extremely moisturizing, the balm itself is soo soft and smooth and has a light flavor.
A little goes a long way and it's really tinted.

As far as foundation....
Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation is my new favorite.
I was eyeing it for a while and when I received a %15 off card from Sephora,
I couldn't miss this opportunity.
However, my moisturizer is causing a problem.
Although it's full coverage and oil free,
my moisturizer or because I keep changing moisturizers
my skin can't decide what to do and how to react,
I get oilyness on my T-zone,
which I wasn't having it before when I used my winter moisturizer,
and I realized I looked chalky when I applied it on Philosophy Supernatural.
I guess you need to apply a small amount of Supernatural to prevent that.
After I apply the foundation,
I just need a little concealer coverage on here and there.
Of course my skin improved a lot since February,
but full coverage also decreases your usage of concealer.
I apply on my foundation with a damp sponge,
so I don't need to use too much product.
I realized I use more when I use my hands to blend it in on my face and neck.

As far eye shadows....
I believe this is also a British brand; Pixi.
I am not sure what is the connection between the Youtube Make up Artist Pixiwoo sisters Sam and Nic
and this brand, but these are the best eye shadows I have ever touched.
It is so moisturizing, so velvety soft, so pigmented,
and it's quite expensive for a drug store product.
It's $14+tax.
You can find this at Target as well,
but even if you are not going to buy it,
just go to the store and touch the sample product at the Pixi counter.
Ahh can't complement this eye shadow enough.
I used drug store products, and high-end products like Dior, and Mac,
but none of these were so velvety soft like Pixi eye shadows.
Unfortunately, they don't have a wide range of color selection,
and all of the eye shadows are shimmery.

Another favorite of April is Vitamin E.
I had the liquid Vitamin E tubes for dark spots,
my mom got me these for my scar.
(Hot tea can be more painful than you can imagine!)
and while chatting with my neighnor Mary she told me to use those also on my face,
for acne scars.
At first I was skeptical about it, because basically it's like oil.
Then one day I put it on my acne scars,
then I used it on my whole face,
even on my eyelids.
When I woke up in the morning,
my face was not shiny at all,
but it was sooooo soft.
After that I started using my liquid Vitamin E tubes on my face once a week.
It's quite hydrating as well,
and if my sensitive acne prone combination skin didn't react bad to liquid Vitamin E,
then I don't think it will affect any one.
I am even thinking to add one or two drops of Vitamin E in my Body Shop Strawberry Cream.
I could pick Coconut Body Butter for dry skin,
but I like the Strawberry Scent better.
It goes for three weeks maximum and I wait until they have another sale,
to stock on Strawberry Body Butter,
but it totally worths it.

I also got Sensual Amber and Twilight woods body butter, perfume and shower gel from Bath and Body Works.
They had buy 3 get 3 free.
So, I couldn't resist it,
and Twilight Woods is good for days when I don't want sugary or floray scents.
It's light and good for a day out doing errands.
However, it's my Victoria's Secret Tease Noir that gets compliments from every one.
It's so sugary, but elegant at the same time.

Another April purchase is the nail polishes I got from Ulta,
simply because they had buy two get one free promotion.
I was eyeing for few nail polishes for a while,
but I was not willing to spend $8 per nail polish.
With this promotion I got 7 nail polishes from Ulta,
one was at clearance,
and got 3 from Target,
they were also at discount rack.
I must say Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail polishes are really thick and the brush is chubby and big.
Overall, it makes the application difficult, and you use too much nail polish which makes you nails look like you have paste on it.
However, I combined my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Blue Away polish with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blizzard Blue with is a shimmery sheer blue color.
Shimmery teal color,
which is gorgeous!
Insta-Dri is too thick and Xtreme Wear is too runny. I think Sally Hansen has a long way too find the perfect texture for its nail polishes.

Before that,
I tried OPI Princess Rule,
it's a shimmery sheer light buble gum pink,
and it is gorgeous!

The pix will be coming soon,
but I can say that in terms of nail polishes,
I am ready for spring! :)
I got beautiful shades of pinks, blues, purples, and yellows.

Old Navy was another store that was on sale.
I didn't know that they had the whole store on sale.
It was buy one, the second one 50% off.
I was there to find something new for my b-day
and I need new jeans,
so I got two pairs of beautiful jeans
a cardigan,
and few graphic Tees.

It was a good start for May! :)

Take Care,

April 20, 2011

I know I know. I'm MIA for a while, but I didn't realize it until recently. Time really flies by! Any ways I have new goodies to talk about!

I was planning to return a MAC eyeshadow and get something else instead. I am such an unsatisfied customer, I keep buying and returning stuff. Tara would be ROTFL right now if she was here. She knows what kind of a customer I am. She takes all the time in the world when she's buying something and in contrast to her most of the time I just buy and leave the store and... come back the next week to exchange it with something else LOL

So, I was wandering around the MAC counter and found the cutest pinkiest lipstick ever! i believe it's from their Quite Cute Collection or at least it was on the display with Quite Cute products. I wanted to buy it before I tried it because I tried so many blushes, eyebrow colors that I felt guilty and felt like I gotta buy the next product I try. Lol Luckily the next product I tried was a lipstick and I fell in love with the color! It doesn't last but I just loved the color and keep it on my desk so when I am working I can actually apply it on for the zillionth time. The name of the color is lustering. You gotta see and try out that color if you are into vivid pinks.

My second favorite of this month is my purple eye shadows. Lately I am having my purple phase again and these two purple eye shadows just compliment each other perfectly and I got so many compliments from my friends and my neighbor. I use Flash from Urban Decay. It says, it is a bright iridescent purple sheen color and I blend it with MAC Beautiful Iris and apply some Flash on my lower lashes and perfecto!

I received a card from Sephora saying that they will have a 15% discount for one week or so. I thought this is for everyone, but I think it was just for VIBs (Very Important Beauty Insider). I was wanting to be a VIB and now I am one! and I had no idea LOL, but I am not sure if I can benefit from it, because I don't know where I will be in a month or so. We'll see.

I guess I told you I am taking better care of my skin lately and I am absorbing all the make up and beauty information like a sponge. I didn't realize how much little I knew until I improved my knowledge on the subject. Now, my skin looks better than ever, and my make up looks more natural than ever and last all day!

So, with my 15% of card I got Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation in the color Medium Ivory. I was eyeing this product for a while, but oh boy it's expensive! $42+tax. and I also got a 10% off coupon for my next purchase. Gotta love being a VIB! ;)

When I bought it on Sunday I had the same Christmas effect on me again. Unfortunately, on Monday I had only time to apply a tinted moisturizing primer and my eye liner. So, I tried the foundation today for the first time! At first I thought it was too yellow and I was unhappy, but I think it balances with your skin tone after few minutes, because it was looking better and more like my skin but without my acne scars. Then on top of it I used my Neutrogena Skin Clearing Blemish Concealer pen. (I think this is my 10th pen. I love this product and I hope I can still buy this product when I go back home.) The foundation has full coverage which is what I wanted. I used the Blending Sponge from Sonia Kashuk  so I didn't need to apply too much product and because of the full coverage and wet sponge application I didn't need to use too much concealer.
The result: Happy Customer, Angie! :)

As for moisturizers....

I was using Dermalogica Skin Smoothing cream as my moisturizer and every one was telling me that it's too heavy for my age. Well I just look 20, Honey, I am not 20!
Besides, nobody understands what I had been through because of this harsh weather during winter. My skin looks its best in California so figure it out.
I survived this winter quite well, but the previous two winters...oh boy it was just a night mare! My eyelids were bleeding and my face was literally peeling off because my skin was dry as a piece of paper and my moisturizer DDF nor Neutrogena was not helping me at all.
I finally got used to the weather a little bit and I used more intense moisturizers this time.
However, last winter I was also using an intense moisturizer combination of two creams that my facialist at home suggested, but I forgot to switch it to something light in the spring and my skin just gave an 404 error message; I broke out like a 13 year-old!

Dermalogica MediBac products helped me to cure my skin in two months or so, but I ended up having terrible blemishes as if I used my blush for contouring my face. This time my mission was to get rid of blemishes and acne scars, and I found about Mario Badescu Whitening Mask just in time! It's basically a white extremely nice smelling  miracle in a jar!

and Dermalogica Skin Smoothing made its magic after using it for a month and it really improved the texture of my skin, which was damaged because of acne.

However, I still need to use a light moisturizer! The weather is still really cold these days. So, I can still use my Skin Smoothing Cream, and in mean time I am testing different products.

I found out that I am also allergic to glycolic which was something I was really excited about, because glycolic exfoliates your skin on its own without you needing to do anything, but it was a harsh exfoliating for me. Although, my skin was soft and I could tell it was well moistured, it stung my after I put on the cream so I tried it for two different times and had to return Thomas Peter Roth Glycolic Acid 10% Moisturizer . Sorry Tom, it's not you it's me! LOL

So, I also had to return my Mario Badescu Glycolic Eye Cream to Ulta. After I stopped using that cream the extremely sensitivity on my eyes and discoloration just disappeared. Can't believe I tortured my eyes for more than a month with something I am allergic to.

Then I used Fresh Umbrian Clay Face Lotion. I had oilyness on my T-zone that I didn't have with Skin Smoothing Cream and I started to break out. So, it was time to break up with Fresh!

Then I got Philosophy the Supernatural. Actually, this is not a moisturizer. This is a tinted face primer with moisturizing effect. It works quite well I think! I loved the texture of the it; it's like a mousse, but smells horrible as all other products on the market.
I think this is enough for me, because after I wash and tone my face in the morning, I used to moisture my face and do my make up and I like to use a primer to apply my make up easily.
Now, I don't need to wait for my skin to absorb my moisturizer before doing my make up.
The coverage is not enough, but because it's tinted it makes my job easier I think. I use less product for coverage.

So, I guess finally I found my Spring+Summer moisturizer. I can use this at night as well, it shouldn't clog my pores and it's always good to look a little polished even when you are staying at home, but I might try finding a night time moisturizer for Spring+Summer.

Sometimes I miss my skin before using Bare Esentuals Mineral Loose Powder. After using it I broke out at the age of 21 like a teenager, because of a bad reaction to Bismuth Oxychloride in it.

Anyways don't cry over spilled milk! So, my next mission is to find my perfect toner! I already used Kate Somerville Clarifying Treatment Toner but haven't seen any of the promised effects other than smelling that disgusting stuff and used two toners from Body Shop; Seaweed Clarifying Toner, and Aloe Calming Toner.
Seaweed was just too harsh for my face. I got blemishes after using it!
Aloe Calming toner is better that Seaweed. At least my skin doesnt turn red after using it.

By the way I realized Sephora started selling Body Shop products. I found it odd.
I would understand if people in certain areas can access Sephora but not Body Shop, in where I live Sephora is right across the Body Shop in the mall. So, it's just weird to me. Anyways...

So, far I haven't found an impressive toner, yet. However, when I was at home last summer I used Garnier's toner. I don't know why I couldn't find it in the state I live, but anyways...I really liked that toner I think my skin was looking refreshed. If I go home, I hope I can find that product again!

My other mission will be finding a darker shade of foundation/powder for summer when I get tanned. I don't like doing make up in the summer, but I haven't make peace with my discolorations. Who knows if my skin looks better by summer I would just use some sunscreen and blush on my face. We'll see.

I bought Neutrogena sunscreen recently , because I realized my forehead was burnt when I went for a walk in the nearby town park and all my freckles came back with all their powers. This is not acceptable for me. Although people find it cute, freckles are not healthy! You get freckles when sun damages your skin cells. Besides, I don't like having brown spots on my face as if I am a British hunter dog. So, this summer my new task is to tan while protecting my skin, because I know that I can get burned no matter what. At least I should be able to keep the brown spots away. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock Dry Touch SPF 30 (oil-free) smells really amazing, but I didn't like the texture of the cream; it's really thick (but you don't feel it on your face). So, I use just a little bit and I don't know if it's enough?

Recently I tried out Thomas Peter Roth Oily Problem Skin Instant Mineral Powder SPF30. The girl at Sephora suggested it as a finishing product and a sunscreen, but the product packaging is cheap and the powder is too dark and flies all over the place when you sweep it across your face. So, it was one other product that ended up going back to Sephora.

I have a lot of other products to mention, but I keep it for another day.

Take Care,

April 7, 2011

Isn't it amazing that one small thing can change your mood, even your day in a better way than you can ever imagine?

I started my day with a 7 am call from...''Unknown''. My first reaction was to panic. I thought my mom was calling overseas to give me bad news.
(In our home if the phone rings before 8 am or after 10:30pm only if something bad has happened.)

So, I couldn't pick up the phone on time, because I was too busy panicking. While I was planning to call my mom I saw the voicemail sign flashing on my phone. Thank God it was just FedEx. I was so relived, but I was pissed of as well. Since when it is acceptable to call customers 7 in the morning? I don't care if your call center is on the other side of the world and you don't know what time it is in the states!

They were calling, because they couldn't find my apt. How is that possible?! UPS can find it, DHL can find it, but FedEX cannot. It is so NOT acceptable!

Anyways, few hours later I got my package...from Coach! It was like Christmas morning.

If you didn't know Coach had a crazy online sale. Two of my orders were cancelled, because they sold all of those models. However, I got five beautiful pieces for a really good price. I have saved more than $400 in total.

...and these are my babies!

Aren't these gorgeous? The prices were between $23 and $90.

The shoes fit per-fect-ly by the way! So happy. Thank you Coach you just made my day!  :)


April 3, 2011
Nobody made April Fools joke to me, thank God, because I so do not like jokes and picking on people on April 1st. Instead I spent my April Fools day pampering myself.

I was cleaning my apartment and I came across this Dermalogica facial treatment discount coupon from Ulta. I realized the coupon was going to expire on April 2nd and I couldn't miss it, it was a 50% off if you purchase a Dermalogica product coupon, and if you get a MicroZone (20mintues for $20) the second MicroZone was free.

So, I immediately called Ulta in my neighborhood, but they were booked for both days, then I called the other Ulta and they had an opening for 7:15pm. I never have facials so late, but that was the only time they had.

Then I checked to see how far it is from my place. I was thinking it's 10 minutes away, but I was so wrong it was almost 20 miles away, but hey when you have a deal for a facial you cannot miss it! 

So, my experience...

It was not my first Dermalogica experience. I always get Dermalogica facials when I am home, so my expectations were high.

It's been so long since I had a facial, because I do not trust the salons in where I live. It's my face, no joke. If they are not experienced enough they can burn my skin or cause break outs with the products they use. 

I take care of my skin, but it's not the same, plus I really relax when someone else is working on my face.  

So, she suggested me to get MediBac facial treatment, because regular facial does not involve extracting. To me, this is just a scam to get more money. When I get facials in Europe they involve everything except (apple acid) exfoliation, because it's something you don't need every time you get a facial, especially if you have sensitive skin like mine.

When I am taking care of my skin myself I use Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. It's the only thing that keeps black heads away and doesn't hurt my skin at all.

So, at the end it turned out that I didn't really need extracting. My skin is mostly irritated, because of Dermalogica acne clearing kit that I used, and I didn't really have black heads, and the ones that I had she couldn't get them. 

It was good getting a facial, but the towel they give you to wrap yourself up had hair on, and it was smelly, the relaxing music was too loud not relaxing at all. Last, but not least she had no idea how to massage. She couldn't press the right spots on my face or head and she wasn't applying enough pressure, and the light in the room was too bright. You don't really need a well lighted room, the facial specialist only needs a lamp when she's extracting that's all. 

When I came home I saw that she left a chunk of mask on my scalp and in my ears, and had eye cream particules under my eye and all over my eye lashes.

Overall, sorry Ulta but your specialist sucked at Dermalogica facial.

The Dermalogica salon I go at home has nice smelling smudge sticks and candles, a dim lighted room and a real relaxing music, and a half body massage that I fell asleep two times.

***March Purchases***

Lately, I was dying to write about the products l like. I guess I also caught the latest disease on the market; talking about the make up/beauty products that you like. No, actually my reason is not that. I think, we, women should help out each other. We all have limited time for ourselves and we shouldn't spend this time searching for products that will compliment our skin tone/texture/age. So, I wanted to talk about the products that I love and products that I never ever want to see again. 

***These are my personal ideas, and all the products are purchased by me.


I am not sure if I will be able to update this page every month, because I hope not to buy new stuff every month. Simply, because it will cost me a fortune. 

March 31, 2011

New Pandora promotion just started today!!

If you spend $50 you get a free pair earing posts worth of 20, and if you spend $75 you get a free pair of hoop earings worth of 40.

I was at the mall today, because...it was 2 for $20 candle sale at Bath and Body Works.
You have to check out the new spring candles.

March 29, 2011

Unbelievable! Another month passed. Time really flies by fast.

I ignored this page for the last few days, but I have a perfectly good explanation. No, the dog didn't eat my homework, but it's worse! My laptop died :( RIP Mangy. Thank God I did the back-up a while ago. I just lost few picture files (I think).

By the way, I don't know if this is a blessing in disguise, because I was eyeing for a new laptop for a while. Actually, I didn't get what I was planning to get, but this baby is beautiful! and yes it was on sale! I am such a sales girl :) I get everything I want from sales. I don't shop because there is a sale, I shop because the product(s) I want is/are on sale. Of course this was not the only thing I got lol.

So, I was dying to test Skindinavia finishing spray for a while, but I was skeptical about purchasing a product online from a company I never heard of.

Last week I saw this Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray at Sephora. I was pretty bummed, because recently I purchased Tarte Smooth Operator. Although I am happy with Smooth Operator (it's a great pore shrinker), if I had seen this spray before I would purchased that instead.

Then when I was at Ulta I saw small size of Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray and I noticed something on the package. It was saying 'by Skindinavia'. Of course I couldn't miss this chance. So, instead of paying $28 for the regular size bottle I paid $15 for the small version. I think it is still expensive for such a tiny bottle, but hey it is almost perfect! I said almost, because when I first tried it I didn't have any oilyness on my T-zone, but my make up was long gone.

So, the second time I used my Tarte Smooth Operator first, then I set my makeup with Skinidivia and viola! My make up was still there looking dewy.

What I loved about this product is that when you spray, it makes your skin feel light and refreshed. I hate feeling the make up on my skin, but this product makes me feel as if I had no make up on. You know the feeling when you come home and remove your make up, wash your face, and put on your face cream, Skindinavia manages to do that which makes it a holy grain product for me! :)

March 23, 2011

I was waiting for a week for this sale! So, happy! 
Today, March 23, Wednesday, Tarte Bronzer Park Ave Princess is only $15+tax instead of $29+tax.  at Ulta (Limits 4 per customer)

Pictures are coming up shortly....

March 21, 2011

I went back to the mall. No, not to shop again, but to return the products that I didn't like. I will talk about what I returned, but let me say this, it is freeing to return products. Lol Simply, because you know that you are getting back your money. I got full return, and for one product that I couldn't find the receipt I got a store credit. 

The first girl I talked to say, they said they can only give store credit if you have the receipt, but then they did it. They registered my driver's licence information and gave me a Sephora card for store credit. I already started to think about what to get with my store credit money. After all, I already paid for it and one way or other Sephora has that amount not me, so I should get something with that money, before I lose the card or forget about it. 


March 20, 2011

Recently I lost control in the mall. No, not in the parking lot lol, in the mall itself, and I bought quite a lot of stuff let's say. 
Hey, but I needed those! After checking out few videos, and articles, I realized I lack the right make up and skin care products I need, and simply I was being lazy about taking care of my skin. 
So, I couldn't resist the call from the mall and I gave in and went to the mall. 

Unlike many girls, I enjoy going shopping alone. 
This is something I figured out when I started college. 
Of course, it's always fun to go the mall with friends, but when you are alone, you have a clear mind, and you can focus on your target easily. 
I always do my market research, or at least I know what to get. 
So, when I go to the mall, I go and get what I need and then I leave without wasting extra time. 

Well, the last time, I couldn't resist the urge to look around and do some window shopping, but hey, I should be allowed to do that every once in a while, right?

So, what did I get....

I was in need of a new blush. Although I had a perfectly fine drug store blush (Neutorgena
Healthy Skin Custom Glow™ Blush & Bronzer in color Posie Glow) I wanted to get a high-end blush. So, I found this cutest pink glowy blush from Cargo called Amalfi at Sephora
If you check out their website the blush looks orange, but it's the pinkiest pink you can ever see in a blush. 
I am not really familiar with Cargo. 
Once, I wanted to get their foundation in a big rectangular tube, but Sephora didn't have my color even in their storage. 
I don't know what's the deal with Cargo and Sephora, but for some reason they don't carry Cargo products as much as they carry other brands. 
Some stores do not even have a Cargo stand/kiosk! 
So, it was my second attempt, and it was a success this time at the second Sephora store I tried. 
Finally, I got my blush! 

First, I tried the color in the store and I wasn't really impressed, considering all the horrible lighting in the store. 
However, when I checked my make-up in the car, and when I got back home, I was simply in love with the blush. 
Although it took me more then a week to find time to go back to the store to get it, I finally got my blush.

It's funny, when I buy something, clothes or make up/skin care products, I can't wait for the next day to wear it. 
So, the very next day, I was so happy when it was time to do my make up to go out for errands. However, the color looked washed out on me. 
Although I am a fair skinned girl, some colors just do not show up on my face. 
I think it's because my yellowish brown freckles that I almost hate. 
I was quite disappointed, but I decided to deceive myself adding some of my favorite blush (Neutrogena Healthy Skin Glow) on top. 
So, I was looking sun-kissed glowy. 

The results were even more disappointing after four hours, 
there was no evidence of Cargo blush. 
I decided to give it a second chance, before returning it. 
If I am not using it, I am so returning it. 
There is no way, I will keep a product that I don't use. 
After all it's not free. 
I paid $26+tax if I recall it correctly.

The second time same thing happened. 
This time I was determined to return it and find a new blush. 
So, I used it for the third time and the same day I returned my first Cargo purchase. 
Their products or the company can claim to be environmentalist that is really nice, but if you can't give me what I am looking for, then, sorry, but you are not for me!

I also tried Too Faced Leopard Love Complexion Perfection Kit.  
Although I was really impressed with the bronzer in the set, the blush was still not quite right. 

I gave up on finding the perfect high-end brand blush, because I have to admit, 
I have the perfect drug store blush. 
I even have a personal story about that blush. 

Last summer, I went to stay with my friend at their summer house in a near by island. 
Like I said I am fair skinned and I look really pale without make up, I almost look sick right after winter, and I don't have the chance to get sunny days until summer in where I live. So, I am confessing something I haven't confessed yet; I wore make up everyday even at the pool. 
I know it's not something healthy, but I just didn't want anyone to see my imperfections. Especially, when my cystic acne decided to come back with blemishes along with it. 

So, the day we arrived when we were having a tea with my friend's mother, she said "why don't you tan like Angie. 
Look how healthy she looks. 
Her cheeks are really rosey." 
Right after she said that I really blushed, because my tan was fake. 
It was all thanks to my make up, but for the first time it was good not to called as the fair skinned sick looking girl. :)

I think I was really naive when it comes to make up knowledge. 
Not my make up skills, but I never thought actually some make up products can cause me to break out. 
Recently, I remembered one incident and because I changed my skin care products at the same time I blamed the new guys in the collection. 
However, it was the mineral loose powder I used. 
I remember wanting to itch my face like crazy, and kept getting blemishes all over my face and I had no idea why. 

...and the Oscar goes to I.d Bare Essentials Mineral Loose Powder for the worst loose powder EVER!!!!!!!!! award. 
Their powder has an ingridient called BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE. 
Ladies and gentlemen, this ingridient is not your friend! 
Cosmetics companies use this product, because it gives you a nice pearly glow. 
Screw the glow it has trace of metal in it, and according to researches %75 of the population is allergic to this ingridient. 
The common signs are itching and blemishes on the skin. 
Plus it caused me to break out like I was a thirteen year-old, which is funny, because I didn't even have acne when I was a teenager up until I used this product, and I thought poor Dermalogica caused this. 
Well, I started using Dermalogica again, and let me say this Dermalogica is a kind angel! 
It cleared out my acne almost completely in two months. 

I had the same itching like crazy feeling when I used Maybelline Dreammatte Mouse
I Googled the ingredients in this product and I found out that this one is also formulated with bismuth in it. 
All this time I thought I can't tolerate drug store products, because they are cheap, but the problem was one of the ingredients. 

If you have sensitive skin like me stay away from powders that has bismuth oxychloride in it. 

Bismuth oxychloride is a natural ingredient found in the majority of mineral cosmetics. It is the main irritant in some brands of mineral cosmetics that often causes itching, rashes and mild to severe cystic acne. If you choose a mineral cosmetic that includes bismuth oxychloride it may cause additional irritation. If you have had a reaction to mineral cosmetics in the past it is likely because of the bismuth oxychloride in the product. (http://www.carefreebeauty.eu/sensitiveskin/bismuth)

<><><><> <><><><>
You can google Bismuth Oxychloride allergy for more information...
Personally I haven't heard Afterglow cosmetics other than a girl talking about it on youtube. (AndreasChoice)

Recently, I went to Ulta, because I wanted to get a mineral loose powder for light coverage and a natural look. 
Finally, after feeling frustrated, sad and depressed about the way my skin is, I am taking care of my blemishes, and acne scaring. 
I will talk about the products that made miracles on my skin later, but now it's make up time. 
So, it was time to get out of the closet and show some skin....I mean my face, you perverts! Lol 
So, me and the seller girl spent a good 15 minutes to find a product that does not contain bismuth in it. 
Never thought it was going to be this difficult. 
The only one we could find was Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder. 
Although I have combination/oily skin this product is good enough for me. 
However, it's extremely expensive, even more than Dior. 
So, I ended up getting a smaller size, but it's a set, so I got the primer, concealer, foundation and the loose powder in the set, Complexion Perfection
My previous powder Lorac was oil-free, but still it was not helping my T-zone. 
So, I decided to try something else after I ran out of it. 
After all there are so many products out there and since we are mortal, we have limited time on this planet. Lol
My next mission is to find out why my eye make up products are irritating my eyes as if I suddenly develop a pink eye for few hours. 
It must be something in the products!

By the way did I tell you I am still dealing with the cystic acne that bismuth oxychloride in the my make product caused. 
It's sad! 
I never had more than one small zit at a time until I turned 20 and used BE mineral loose powder and then 2 years ago Maybelline Dreammatte Mouse. 
They screwed up my skin!

P.S Please help out people of Japan!