December 07, 2010

Thank You CJ

I hosted a formal dinner party recently and guess who was one of the guests? Yes, you guessed it correctly. It was CJ. At first i came up with this plan just to see him or to create another chance to hang out with him, i don't know. Then it turned into a way that I just didn't care if he comes or not, I was going to be with my friends and this is what was important for me. I was going to enjoy myself and entertain my guests.

I don't care what others say, he was still upset with me that I didn't buy his game and confronted him saying that it's not ok to use me for my connections. Still a twenty-seven year-old man should know how to behave when he is among friends, my friends. Clearly, he has no clues. He was really rude to me. He barely talked to me. As if he was in a restaurant having dinner with his friends and I was the waitress. Wait! That's not all. After the dinner, he was lying on my couch his feet up on. I was like when did we get married CJ, and when did you become the man of the house? Who gave you the right to behave like that? Maybe he thought he is entitled to behave like this, because I had been to his place before, I guess four times in total. Still, it was his first time being in my home. I would expect him to be a gentleman with some manners. Clearly, he doesn't have any! However, I should thank to him. By being so rude and offhand, he helped me to de-attach myself from him, and I stated this clearly to him. I think he was a little stressed when me and my friend were talking about this guy who also wanted to come over. However, what I saw on CJ's face that he was a little stressed, because he realized that I unmasked him and made it clear to him that I already moved on. So, if he thought he was punishing me by not texting back and trying to ruin my plans for the night...sorry CJ you couldn't do it!

I am surprised that he was more jerk than all the other jerks that I know. He looks like a good guy, he treats you as if he is a good guy, but once you get to know him a little's like opening the can of worms. He is disgusting me, because of the rude behaviors he had at my home. I am glad I am almost over him. I need the other 10% to be over him 100%, but still 90% is a good ratio to begin with! :)


No strings attached between me and you
Amazing it seems
You mean nothing to me anymore...

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