March 21, 2011

Dirty or Not? You Decide

I just came back home and I was checking facebook as usual. I saw an invitation and I said oh boy where are you inviting me this time, people? However, it was not what I thought. Although, I still think it is late for this game, they are supposed to do this in October, it is fun to do it this time.

They say it's all for the awareness, but I  believe there IS something called bad publicity. So, I didn't like the first two games where you were posting the color of your bra and where you put your purse when you get to home. I am sure you already guessed what I am talking about.

Although the first was not so bad, I didn't like the second game. Why? Because it sounded "dirty". Girls were posting things like , I like it on the counter, on the bed, on the ground, etc. Is it right to associate Breast Cancer Awareness with sex?!? Probably your sex life suffers as well if you are fighting against this horrible disease, but C'mon we can do much better than just making men think we are talking dirty!

This year, although I am still not sure why we are doing it in March, you choose the fruit that fits your relationship status. Event planner Ida Boyd even thought about ladies who are widows.

As you can guess I am a blueberry & strawberry. Interpretation? I'm single, and still couldn't find the one, yet.

The game (started on March 16) ends March 31. So, hurry up. The event name is "Please read girls only"

She ends it by saying, 

"The bra game reached TV, lets get this one to do the same, and show everyone how powerful women are"

Although the event doesn't mention the Breast Cancer Awareness, we all know what the bra game was for. So, this makes me think, is it personal fame?!

You decide...


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