October 26, 2010

are we there, yet?

I started this right after I came back from the camping, but then because of the unexpected sad news, I didn't feel like completing it, but hey I told you that I'll report you on camping. So, here it is...

Is this the ending of another story? Well, if it is, then this one was one of the shortest ones...

...He knows how to shock me, like the time he asked my age; unexpectedly with a sharp tone. Then the text messages he sent last night. I don't know if I am exaggerating or I am right, but do not want to accept the truth? I  do not care if he is reserved or shy or inexperienced.  A person should know how to text back without sounding mean and/or rude.

So, here is a scoop of what happened at the camping...

I couldn't stand camping. I mean it was so lame, and people were all grouped and there were idiots with laptops! For God sake! you go camping with your laptops?!? I can't live without internet, either, but please it was just for one night, people!

Anyways, we walked in and I am looking for him like crazy, because I know that he must have arrived before we walked in and I couldn't see him. I wouldn't surprise if he was hiding under the table at that moment. *hahaha* Then finally I spotted him, sitting at the table, having dinner with others. Me and my friends chose a bed and brought our stuff from the car. Of course I had a carry on luggage. You know when you are a girl, you can never pack enough, and you are allowed to over pack, because it's in your nature. *hahaha* Then we went to kitchen made ourselves a plate and still he didn't say hello or he didn't even look at my face. He kept looking at his plate like a little kid. You know if you don't look at anywhere else monsters cannot see you, because you don't see them first. Then I saw my friend and went to the boys bedroom while I still had my plate on my hand. By the way I do not care about entering the boys room, there was no one there except my friend and we are not teenagers that aren't allowed to go to each others rooms. While I was there I saw him looking at me. He was surprised and confused I think. He was trying to understand what was going on and what I was doing. Then finally I sat at the table next to my friend who drove us there and we started talking to girls sitting across us. Maybe ten minutes later he sat next to the guy that was sitting next to me. I know that was a funny way of describing,  just couldn't think of anything else.*hahaha* Then guess what happened? He didn't talk to me again, didn't even look at my face. I would say he doesn't like me, but it's so obvious when people do these kind of stuff just because they are nervous. I was trying to switch places with the guy next to me, but he was kind of slow. Then he left, and I went to sit next to my friend and I got one of his earplugs and started listening to the music he was listening to. Then I went to check out what he's doing. He was playing cards with a guy and pretended as if I wasn't there. Next, he was playing chess and when I sat next to him, all he said was that the place is cold. Thanks for the late heads up, buddy! So, I played indoor soccer and football with guys, sat at the boys room listened to music while my friend was working on his paper, and yes he also had his laptop with him... After dinner actually we decided to go back to the civilization, but we also didn't want to leave the place, not because it was kind of a long drive, but because we were there to have fun. So, we kept saying let's stay for another hour.
Then, our driver wanted to get something from the car and I was keeping the keys hostage just in case she or others might change their minds about going back. So, I said I'll give you the keys, but promise me we are going back. There he was all surprised listening to us. Ten minutes later or so I sat next to him while he was watching guys playing cards, I said we plan to go back and he said why as if I told him that I am crazy.

I can't clearly remember if it was before i told him that we are leaving or after, my friend came to sit with us, and she said OMG! he's so serious and asked CJ if he's bored, and I said no this is his happy face. We laughed a little, but I was joking and we had no bad intentions, but he didn't like it i think. He felt like I bullied him which is something against my nature, but I speak fluent sarcasm, so I can't help it, but say things like this. Guess what his reaction was? He walked away. Now, it was my turn to be shocked and upset. He walked away and starte talking to some other girl, which was a friendly talk I think, so I wasn't jealous. Besides, I can understand when someone is doing it on purpose, or doing it without thinking that can make the other be jealous, or when it's just a friendly talk. Fyi I'm not a jealous person at all, so everything was cool except that he walked away on me. Since we had still time I joined a bunch of people playing cards, and guess who won it? Me! I was cheering and yay-ing and saying that I'm the queen of this game-I was just being narcissist I know, but aren't we, all girls a little bit narcissistic at times?-he stopped talking, turned and looked at me all surprised just liked he did few minutes before that when I was on the phone. Then again he was looking at me the time when we went out with a group of friends last week. This time, I couldn't keep looking into his eyes as he was looking into me. There is something sweet about the way he looks. It's not staring or it's not eying you from head to toe, it's as if he's looking into my soul. You might think that I am exaggerating, and maybe I am, but I never felt so comfortable when a guy looked at me. There is something different the way he looks...

Then the leaving time came, and I said goodbye to my friends, to the guy I played football with-oh did I tell you that he asked me if one of my friends I came with is my boyfriend? *lol-then it was time to say goodbye to CJ, he turned looked at me when I said I'm going, and he said a cold-as loud as mice could hear-goodbye and I was sad, and upset, and didn't know what to think and left.

Although we sad we were going downtown my friends were tired and my other friend whom I was going to pick up on my way to down to fall asleep. So, I was already tired because going back and forth the same way and playing sports I went to bed.

It was seven in the morning when I got the unexpected, sad news. I don't know how I spent the day and at night I felt like I was suffocating so I called my friend went to a bar/club/lounge whatever you call it. I was so overwhelmed that I didn't know how to handle the news so I cried in a lounge first time in my life!

I wanted to invite him to where I and my friend was, but we decided that I should wait for him to contact me, since he was cold and distant to me at the camping. Then my friend wanted to cheer me up and she said call and invite him. I was happy like a kid whose mother let her eat chocolate before dinner. *lol* I texted him and the answer I got was fascinating!
CJ: Thanks, but I can't tonight. I will have to meet you some other night.
Maybe he was trying to be nice, but because I was already upset I flipped out when I saw "have to" in his answer. So, with all my answer I said
"u don't have to if u don't want to. Don't feel like u have to see me..."
CJ: I do want to, but I can't right now. I don't feel obligated t see you, but I do like drinking and I would not mind drinking with you. I just can't today.
He was making me more and more angry every second and I said "ok since you don't mind we can drink with you some other time, my friend."

Then I said screw you and went another place where our friends were and tried enjoying the night as much as I could.

The very next night I saw him online, but I didn't talk to him and kept my status offline, because I wanted him to feel sorry about whole texting incident. I am sure he was cursing himself. Maybe he was drunk or tipsy he was, too. One more time I remembered not to text while intoxicated! Texting and drinking is as dangerous as texting and driving! *lol*

I saw him online on fb last night for like five or ten minutes, but he didn't talk to me. I felt really bad, and kept telling myself that maybe he didn't see me. Then today I was checking if he was online and he was, then he was away and then while I was writing one of my previous posts I heard a pop sound! it was CJ so we IMed on fb a little bit!

Maybe the ending of this story won't be so bad. Who knows...Let's wait and see ;)

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