October 18, 2010

How many baskets should I have?

If you read any of those dating advice books lately, they tell you not to stick to one man and hope him to be the one. Instead, they tell you to spread your eggs into different baskets. So...that's what I am doing. At first, this sounded crazy to me and I said "I am no slut, I can't see more than one guy at a time." However, if you think about it, that's what most men are doing. They call one girl, see the other, wink at another and sleep with some other. So, what I am doing is nothing like that, but I don't want to give all my energy to one man, and watch him turning out to be the biggest disappointment of my life. Instead I text, email and have coffee dates with several guys. None of them are what I am looking for so mostly I never see them again after one coffee date. So far, since September 09, I dated a geek, a jerk, a mama's boy, an insecure geek guy, a pervert, a bisexual drag queen, an obese guy with no manners, and I IMed a pervert, and a non-American American patriot. Then there is CJ! (this is where you hear "ohh hallelujah" song *lol*)

CJ must have his own quirks, but I am sure he doesn't have most of the disgusting things these guys had. He was kind of rude when he asked my age suddenly (didn't your mama teach you not to ask a lady her age, CJ? *lol) Long story short, he is better than most of the guys I talked/chatted/texted/met. However, I am not sure if he is the guy I am looking for. Who am I looking for? Well, that's a long story so let me tell this in another post.

Since, I am not sure I have found the one, yet, I keep looking for. So, as all those dating/advice books tell me to do, I put my eggs in different baskets and I pray that I don't mess it up one day *lol*. Currently I still IM to Canadian guy, and making plans to see CJ again and think about emailing the 33 year-old guy who winked at me on *****.com. Like my friends you might also ask what are you doing with such an older guy. Am I into old guys? No way in hell. I chose 30 -/+2 as a limit because I don't like childish guys, I prefer them to be more mature. Besides, this guy looks good and doesn't show his age which is a plus. So, I winked back at him and no response! I swear these men are stupid. I think this is why they are alone, because they don't know how to flirt. I am a lady, so be a gentleman and initiate the conversation, buddy! Guys in my hometown are so good at this. They are so confident, but they are not for me, because they are looking for girls with a model's body, and brain of a monkey. So, I don't fit in their dream girl picture. Anyways, I am happy here. I feel more confident and they say American life style cause people to stress and feel insecure about their bodies. Not me!

Even though, I have the picture of CJ looking into my eyes while talking, as if there is no one else around us, I am in search of the One. Maybe, the One is right here, in front of me, but I want to keep looking around. So, if I cannot find him, I will be able to say that "hey, I tried, I looked for him, but couldn't find him. Maybe there is no the One for me." So, that's why I keep talking to these rotten eggs and I put them in different baskets. Let's just pray that I don't confuse who's who *lol* but I know one thing for sure I cannot confuse CJ with anyone else...

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