October 19, 2010

Frog List

I still want to talk about CJ and probably I can talk about all day and night about him. That is so funny. I had never been like this. Normally, I don't fall for a guy. I try to think like a black widow, because I know that he will hurt me eventually. So, I try not to get attached. I like feeling loved and I don't stand like a cold statue next to a guy, but like I said I don't get attached. So, when the long story short ends I don't feel devastated. Generally, I shock, try to understand, talk about it, sleep in for few days and I move on. Friends, especially guys around me cannot understand, and they think I move on too fast, but I was so slow and so devastated for a long time ago. Been there, done that. So, now, if things don't work out I walk away and don't look back, because it doesn't worth it. Now, I feel happy over such a little thing, but I am not scared. I don't think he will hurt me. Maybe, he is a little cold or distant, but this might be how he looks to others. You can't know someone unless you spend one on one time with them. Probably I will see him tomorrow. If I can't, I'll see him on Friday and Saturday for sure.

Let's talk about the frogs I dated since last September...

I dated with eight guys since September 09. The longest one was one month and the shortest one was one coffee date long *lol* I couldn't stand to him.

In September, at a friend's b-day I met this guy. Two weeks later we met again, same group of people for brunch. I realized how he was looking to me. I liked me. I, personally have a tendency to like people who like me. It is something wrong and I am trying to chance this habit, but at that moment I didn't care. After a long time, I felt healed and ready to move on and here I met him. So, I said why not. He is a geek by the way. One of these smart, but not so hot looking guys, but I was able to keep up with him. He liked that I have the brain and the sense of humor at the same time, and I am pretty. Long story short nothing happened between us. Even though I pushed him, because he's socially awkward he ran away from me and when I moved on to the next guy he was devastated, but it was too late. So, from September till March I wasted my time with him.

In March, I started talking/texting/flirting an old classmate. It turned out that he was looking for a rebound and I refused to be his rebound girl/Plan B. I wasted two weeks with him. However, I have to confess that it was good to know that there is someone texting you good morning and asking you how you are when he was bored at work, but he had one thing in mind which is something not in my priority list. I am looking for love, relationship, growing old together, not lust or one night excitement.

Then, my first online date, Mr Mama's Boy! We emailed for a week and texted for one and a half week until we met in person. He changed the time of the meeting because his mother was crying over something stupid. I wanted to be the understanding girlfriend, so I didn't say anything. We had a coffee date that lasted for two hours. We laughed and had fun, but he was not what I was looking for and he knew it. I think he felt insecure; he is from a blue collar family, and I am from a white collar family, so he thought I am too spoiled. So, Mr Mama's Boy who claimed to be one of the last good guys on earth broke up with me without being able to have the break up talk. I would expect him to be man enough to say it, but hey he's not a man, he is a boy, a mama's boy! So, I wasted a month with him.

Coming Soon!

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