October 31, 2010

There might be another chance in the store for us

Ok. So, he contacted me! However, I don't know what to think about his IMs. It was as if he didn't care, but then why did he talk to me? Maybe, because he thinks I was an easy prey and he didn't take advantage of me first time to gain my trust. Now, he thinks he would not let his prey slide between his claws. If we think about any men this case would be true, but when I think about CJ...No, he is not that type of a person. I know it! You might think that I'm naive, but I know it, because I feel it. He's different. He's a rare kind that I'd never met maybe. He doesn't know how to flirt, or he doesn't have fancy pick up lines, but he's different. He's good. He's nice. He's kind. He cares.

I don't know why he talked to me after being online for several hours. Maybe, because he was studying like he said and didn't want to distract himself, and talked to me when he gave a break, like a woman who gives herself a piece of chocolate as the prize of dieting for one full week. *haha* I would be one sweet prize.

I asked if his roommate's girlfriend thinks I'm crazy. Actually, what I wanted to know what he was thinking. He said, no I don't think so. However, I know that he will keep bringing up that night every time he gets a chance to tease me, and he will hurt me every time without realizing how much he's hurting me...

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