October 19, 2010


Ok he likes me for sure! like sure sure :) I kept being online and offline on fb to be able to see him and there he was! he was online so i kept waiting. after 10 mins-maybe it was only 5mins but felt like 10 or more-he said hi. He said Hi! It is imported that he said Hi first which shows he wanted to talk to me. We talked for half an hour with difficulties thanks to fb. No, I am not being sarcastic. Ok, maybe a little, but this way I got his messenger. I am too smart for my own kind. haha We talked for another half an hour and said he was going to sleep. I was sad, but I have papers to write so it's good that he went to sleeping or went back to whatever he was doing AND I will see him tomorrow. He said come to the meeting tomorrow which I was already planning, to see him and now I know that he wants to see me. He might just trying to be nice but I don't think it's the case. Oh by the way he doesn't have a girlfriend, because I asked and said I can't say that I am sorry. Hehe

I'll have a good night sleep tonight...for sure...

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