November 06, 2010

Why CJ Why?

What are you doing? Or more importantly why are you doing this? When I say that's it I'm moving on, you do something unexpected from you.

Let me start from the beginning...

After the fiasco on Thursday, I said that's it! I'm so over him. Then on Friday, last night, right after I made plans with girls to go out I checked my cell to see if girls sent me another text about Girls Night Out, and guess what I saw... a text from him asking how was the show and If I am going out tonight (for last night). I must say I was surprised because I was not waiting him to text me, but I was also guessing that he was going to text me because when we talked he said text me later and I didn't because what the heck was I going to text after his cheapness on Thursday. So, I was feeling confused last night when I got his text.

Why do you do this to me, CJ? Why do you keep reminding yourself when I finally decide to forget you and move on.

I told my plan and said he can come if he wants to. I was just being polite, I don't like talking about my plans and not inviting people and making them wishing to be invited. That's rude and I'm not like that. So, I invited him and he didn't text back. Two hours later, he said he's going to the place I'm going with my friends because his friends are already there. I was like ok, just calm down and be cool, because I was already nervous.

As girls, we were late, because you know low long it takes us to get prepared, or maybe it was just me *lol*. Anyways, then he texted again saying he's next door. I was like whatever, dude. There's no way in hell that I'm going to his feet. You might find it crazy, but that's how I see the situation. If a guy wants to see me and hang out with me he better come to the place I'm in. Not vice versa! So, I said, cool we are at ... Then he said come next door it's better. I didn't even bother to text back. Of course on his way home, he stopped by the place we were in to say hi. Talked for few minutes with me and the girls and he left.

I don't see any future in this thing... All I want is a normal relationship with a guy that is not stupid or jerk. Do I ask for too much?

I do not want you anymore.
What do you want from me?
You're my mistake, 

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