November 17, 2010

Why Do People Do That To Me?


I was ready to take the action to forget CJ, because he is only interested in me to make his student club more popular. He wants me to go to their events so it will be one more person there, and wants me to invite my friends. That's it. Oh I forgot, he invites me when he doesn't want to drink alone! That's not even caring the other person. However, that night when I was drunk he came, because he is a nice person and he helps people that need help. That's it. That's how I see it.

However, my friend T said, I'll set you up with him when you least expect it, because that's when it works, and I know you like him. Yes, for some reason I like him, although I know that he is not the right person for me. However, by doing that she unfreeze all my emotions. Besides, CJ IMed me few minutes ago. I was happy, but it was just to ask me if I am coming to their club meeting. I want to think maybe it's his excuse to see me, but I don't want to believe that, because I can hurt myself by believing in a lie.

On the other hand, my friends are saying to me that CJ is not contacting them to invite them to the club events, or he doesn't talk to them when they are online on fb. So, it seems like it's just me that he's contacting. Is it his way of approaching me? I want to believe that, but I don't want to have my hopes high. I'll go see him today, but this might be the last time seeing him.

No matter what others say I'll try to stay away from him and move on to protect my heart.

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