November 20, 2010

Loveliest Mistake

I wonder how long I can stay away from CJ. If he asks me right now whether I am going out or not, I would invite him without thinking. However, while dealing with so many problems and so many emotions in my life, the last thing I need is to have my hopes high and end up with a broken heart. So, I am trying hard to stay away from him, or at least this is what I am telling to myself.

However, if I can't help myself and if I see him, I'll talk to him. I will tell him that I don't want his friendship, but I believe he has only friendship in the store. So, I will not contact him again, or at least I will try not to. Maybe putting it all out may help. It might change things, or it might end things and so I can move on. This time for good!

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