November 11, 2010

So Called "Tall" B

Another ordinary day with crazy sleeping schedule...

I should really put my life back in track. Anyways, this is not our subject right now. What our subject is...No it's not CJ, you couldn't guess it right this time. It's so called "Tall" B.

Of course it was really late for ordinary people but when I woke up I saw a text from so called "Tall" B saying he had a good time yesterday and we should definitely go out again. He spelled definitely wrong by the way.   Call me crazy, but I found is text repulsive. You are texting to a girl that you went on a date with, not to your buddy or not to a friend. I don't know, maybe I'm harsh on him, because I had no expectations starting from the beginning. I am sure I would be jumping up and down if it was CJ who sent me this text. By the way, I don't know why I like CJ, he is not my type at all, but there is something about him that I can't move on. Anyways, so called "Tall" B was ok as a friend as I said before, but I am so not going to a second date with him. I believe he said what he said to give this thing a second try. He didn't look impressed at all yesterday, but he was nervous *haha* he was trying to look cool, but didn't know where to put his hands or how to sit. Especially he got nervous when I didn't sit next to him, but that puffy chair was so low, so sat at the wooden chair that way I could sit more comfortably than I could be on that puffy and low chair and my face and my body was turned to him. So, I got all the body language correct not to make the poor guy sad.

So, that's the end of so called "Tall" B story.

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