November 22, 2010

Supreme boss with a baby angel sleeping face...

Maybe he's not ignoring me after all. I think he is just selfish. He talks and sees me when he has time, which is why he is single, because life doesn't revolve around him.

Anyways, I was surprised when he sent me a message on the messenger after ignoring my friend's text on Saturday about joining us. He could at least say that he can't come. Whatever. I think I felt comfortable chatting with him last night. It was a friendly talk and I was okay with that. Although I was surprised that he was comfortably joking. It's interesting seeing him letting his guard down which doesn't happen often, but i guess we are making a progress. He feels more comfortable around me.

I was not surprised when he asked my plans for the next day, because I was expecting it to come, but I was surprised when he joked about me being have to report to him about my daily plans. He didn't sound like my control freak ex, I think I found it cute, because he was self-confidently joking. He called himself the supreme boss. Supreme boss with a baby angel sleeping face...

Without having any expectations we'll see what will happen in the next and my last 15 weeks. I hope he knows that he's wasting valuable time having his guard up, being shy, insecure or what ever the heck he is doing.

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