November 12, 2010

Got Happiness Today?

I didn't sleep more than 5 hours today but I'm perfectly fine, because I feel happy inside. I woke up at 8 and thought about texting CJ to wake him up asking about his hangover. Besides, he said he needs to wake up at 8. Then I said don't do it. You always expect people to think like you and you mess things up by over communicating. So, since I told him that i'm going to wake up at 8:30am I was lying on the bed resting, waiting for the wake up time. Eight minutes after eight I got a text...from him! It was him saying his head hurts. I found it cute. Especially considering that he woke up at 8 (if he did as he said he would, instead of 7:30am as he wakes up normally) texting me after such a short time...was really nice. We texted a little bit. He said he slept like a baby angel. This is exactly how he sleeps after a night drinking. I remember the last time I watched him sleeping...The exact word to describe him is a Baby Angel! So pure and innocent...

I think I really like this guy. I was never sure about my feeling in my life before, but now I think I do like him :) I haven't given up on him considering how frugal he is and how much he complains about everything. If I find those things cute I must really liking the guy, right? :)

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