November 05, 2010

No More Chances, CJ!

How come one person can be so dysfunctional in flirting? I mean ok this may not be your cup of tea, you might not be experienced in this field whatever, but when someone comes to you with two options you choose one of them!

After I rejected his movie offer because of my class, I felt bad, so before I go to class I texted him saying, "I'm going to class enjoy your movie night :)" just to keep the conversation going. I'm sure he was happy that I texted him. During the class I saw his text, texted few minutes after my text, saying, "Holla. What you doing after class?" I was like yess! this is it. This time I'll not let him waste this chance. So, I said, "Gina's favorite band here, she wants to go listen them, but idk...Do u wanna come? What's ur plan?" I invited him and gave him his space in case he might want to do something else. His answer was "I have no plan." Ok, man, but does that mean that you are going to join us or what?!? Right? A normal person would answer the first part of the question, but I guess in CJ's case you have to direct him one question at a time. So, I told myself to stay calm and texted him saying "What time your movie ends maybe we can do something after" His answer could not be any shorter, "830ish"

During the break we left the class; I was really tired and the class was really boring that I couldn't focus on, and did not understand one single thing they were saying. So, we went to Gina's dorm room and texted CJ again, "We left the class do u wanna go to that place it's not my style but u might like indie electro or wanna go have coffee this class makes me feel sleepy lol"

So, the options were clear. All he had to do was to choose one or the other or he could come up with something else, which would be something unexpected in CJ's case. Guess what was his answer! "I'm i the movie still" At that moment I really lost my mind! I already know that you are still in the freaking movie CJ! You told me that you are going to be there until freaking 830ish! I said, "I know I'm talking abt after the movie..."

I mean c'mon for God sake! You don't need to be a genius to answer my questions, it's for normal human level!

Around 8:30pm he called me...

I have to accept I got nervous. I was like what am I going to say. Gina and I were looking each other all smiling and she was telling me to talk and I was just waiting phone to ring one or two times, so he wouldn't know that I was sitting my the phone waiting a text from him. I said hello in my coolest tone. After he questioned me about where I was, he asked how much is this live band performance. It was $18. I already knew that he was going to find it expensive, but I was hoping that he would choose the other option, having coffee. He was like oh wow that's really expensive for a band I never heard of. I agreed on him, just not to offend him and let him know that I think he is cheap! So, I said what do you want to do? Have coffee? I don't know why he pretended like he didn't hear me, or he was not listening to me. He kept saying I don't know what I am doing blah blah blah. I don't even remember some of the stuff he said. So, I decided to hang up, because the conversation was not leading to anywhere. He said text me later. Text you later? For what? You don't go to anywhere with me and what the hell am I supposed to text you CJ? Huh? I said bye and I hung up on him and started yelling and cursing.

I don't understand this guy. Ok, maybe you don't have much money, but you work at a restaurant until midnight, so you are making money. Where the hell do you spend it? Let's say you barely break even, but if you like a girl, you show effort to see her, to spend time with her. Especially if she invited you to join her  and her friends for three times you either go there or find something else to see her without breaking the bank. I don't understand why he came the first time I invited him out to a night without knowing that he's interested in me...

I still believe in the one in a million chance that he might be reading these; I never wanted to write anything bad about him here, but I can't help it anymore, CJ you are a moron! You don't even know the letter D in dating! There I said it!

There's no second chances!

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