November 30, 2010

Back to Square 1, CJ?

I wish he was really meaning the lyrics of the song that he sent to me as one of his favorite songs. I know probably he could not even think that sending the song might imply something to me. The lyrics are so perfect that it's exactly what I would want him to say.

I wish I could do better by you,
Cos that's what you deserve.
You sacrifice so much of your life,
In order for this to work.

While I'm off chasing my own dreams,
Sailing around the world,
Please know that I'm yours to keep,
My beautiful girl.

And when you cry a piece of my heart dies,
Knowing that I may have been the cause,
If you were to leave, fulfill someone elses dreams,
I think I might totally be lost.

But you don't ask for no diamond rings,
No delicate string of pearls,
That's why I wrote this song to sing,
My beautiful girl

Although he's coming over for dinner to join me and my friends, and we agreed on drinking more of his wine and watching a movie (all was decided today!), I do not expect anything. I know that he'll not keep his promises. Besides, we have limited time, so probably nothing will happen. I will just enjoy his company and will enjoy the moment.

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