November 08, 2010


Time to talk about other frogs....

This blog was supposed to be about dating frogs to find the One, but lately all I talked about was CJ. However, things might change. I still like CJ, but my friend wants to set me up with his friend Tall B. I have to say I have no expectations, I even expect the date to be a disaster, but who knows what God has for me.

I think Tall B doesn't know how to text back to a girl, either. He texted on Thursday for the first time. Actually, it's kind of an embarrassing story. I was upset with CJ and texted my friend that wanted to set me up with his friend saying, your friend had a cold feet i think. A minute later I got a text from this guy saying "Hi I'm Tall B. I was really busy this week. Sorry." I was like damn he texted him and told him to text me. I would prefer Tall B to want to text me. Hoever, what annoyed me with this guy was that everything was all about him. There was no how are yous, or how is life questions. I found it rude.

He texted me today asking how was my weekend. I was like buddy today is Sunday, it's a part of weekend. It's not over yet. How dumb are you?!? These kind of things irritates me. It shows that you are not quick witted, but it's difficult to find this among these guys in this city. So, I guess I'll have to be ok with what this place has to offer me.

We are meeting this coming Tuesday, I think, because he didn't confirm the time. I guess he was wanting to save 20cents per message. How cheap is that! Don't think that I already hate the guy without meeting him. Maybe I do (because of CJ), but I know the mentality of these man. My friend is one of them. He told me not to text him, because it costs him 20cents per message. I was like so?!? Anyways, let's get back to Tall B. I don't have any expectations about the date. I accepted to meet him just because I'm having my year of yes. A year of yes (YoY), is a time where a woman decides not to reject guys who ask her ask out that she would normally reject them. So, yes I'm having my year of yes, but CJ is not part of the year of yes. I would want to get to know him and be closer to him in anyways. However, most of the guys I went out with since May are just a part of my Year of Yes.

So, we'll see how things will go with Tall B. I must say I'm not looking forward to this date at all!

Will report back on Tuesday...

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